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And I looked and saw a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was One like the Son of Man, with a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.
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How could I doubt that He was with me? His loving tone reflected such sadness that it deeply hurt me. Assuring me that He was always with me and within me, He banished all my fears as the early morning sun banishes the drops of dew. Filling me with tenderest love, He flooded me with a complete sense of security, then lifted me unto Himself into the place where He dwells in His Cloud.

Suddenly I found myself in the house of living stones which I had seen several times before. Whether I was inside this room or outside looking in I do not know. Although the angels surrounded Him in this place, they didn't draw any attention unto themselves. The living stones which formed the walls of this temple or sanctuary were filled with celestial life and brilliant light. All of them were worshipping a cross of tremendous size and exceeding beauty which was in this room. This cross of purest light shined with great brilliancy. Everything and everyone in this room was filled with the wonderful light which emanated from this cross.

I can find no words to adequately describe its glory and beauty.

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Although Jesus in the Cloud was present among the living stones and was exceedingly more wonderful than the cross itself, the living stones, nevertheless, seemed not conscious of Him at all. I wondered greatly why they were worshipping the cross all the time instead of worshipping the One who was present in such excellent glory.

These living stones continued worshipping the cross, not even looking at Him. Then He explained that even though He was present in the highest manifestation of Himself yet given, nevertheless, the living stones could not see Him when He manifested Himself unto them in this superior way. The living stones were avidly contemplating the beauty and glory of the cross, worshipping it in love and deep adoration, and bathing in the light that emanated from it.

Steadfastly beholding the cross they could not see the Lord whose light and glory were so much greater. As I could see Him present among the living stones I was much troubled, and could not understand why the others were not conscious of His presence. Again I had a difficult time resisting opposing forces before I could press on into His presence. But then He came and took me unto Himself and caused His love to wash away all uneasiness and strain of the battle.

Immediately I felt fully renewed and rewarded. When He began to speak He asked me why I was afraid, and why I was so convinced that I would not be able, or not have sufficient strength to fulfill the task He was requiring of me. You must not even think that you shall not be able to fulfill what I require of you. Thick, black clouds of evil forces pressed relentlessly against them in terrible invasions of darkness. Horribly ugly, determined and powerful, these vile ones pushed in against His people in wave after wave of fury.

I understood so clearly that He was showing me a picture of what was happening in actuality, in "the now". He was not foretelling things that were yet to come He told me that the enemy, now greatly enraged, would come from many and far away places.

I Looked and I Saw Mysteries: Annie's Visions - As Told to R. Edward Miller by R. Edward Miller

Uniting their forces and concentrating their offensives, the adversaries would war against His people in an attempt to overcome and overwhelm them. Not only had He permitted these attacks, but He had caused them to come to pass. For the arising of the enemy against His people caused them to press in even closer and flee unto Him for refuge. Although all hell should arise against them, all the ragings of the enemy would be completely in vain.

For, "the hour has come for My glory to be revealed in them.

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Bible commentary Click here to view. Wesley's Notes for Acts But he looking steadfastly up to heaven, saw the glory of God - Doubtless he saw such a glorious representation, God miraculously operating on his imagination, as on Ezekiel's, when he sat in his house at Babylon, and saw Jerusalem, and seemed to himself transported thither, Eze - 4.

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And probably other martyrs, when called to suffer the last extremity, have had extraordinary assistance of some similar kind. The Lord who had promised his presence was with him.

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His faith was so strengthened that, by faith, he saw the Savior in Heaven, through the opened heavens. The scene was revealed to his soul, instead of his eyes. Condition: New.

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